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Ryan Barnett Goes Underground; The Choco Taco Trail

DEEP ELLUM — Before you're firing up the grill next Wednesday, chef Ryan Barnett will head up two underground dinners Tuesday at My Private Chef. Each is just $55 and BYOB. Email for details or reservations. [CraveDFW]

TACOWIRE — Even if José Ralat-Maldonado used the words "soggy," "pimpled" and "paste" in his review of Choco Tacos, his write-up of both chocolate and vanilla varieties helped someone, somewhere still feel validated in eating two at one sitting. That and the soul-shattering summer. [Taco Trail]

STARWIRE — According to the Dallas Morning News, this year is already twice as tasty as last year. At least in terms of four-star restaurants. [Eats Blog]

Ryan Barnett. [Photo: CraveDFW]

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