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Party on the Roof; Getting a Bit of a S?r

UPTOWN — Maybe the sweltering heat won't seem like such a burden with a rooftop pool option icy cocktails. Maybe. Glass Uptown's anniversary celebration with Las Vegas' DJ Five tonight could help make the sweating part more fun. [Eaterwire]

DESIGN DISTRICT — If curiosity is just poking at you and you long for more info on freakishly spelled restaurants, Steven Doyle got a peek at Seeeeeeer, er, um, S?r. [CraveDFW]

WHITE ROCK — While her description of milk is truly upsetting, Whitney Filloon's account of her attempt at eating a Hypnotic Donut pepper-piled Hellfire is pretty damn inspiring. [City of Ate]

Glass Uptown. [Photo: RESTO/PLACE]

Hypnotic Donuts

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