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David Uygur On Anchovies; A Second Cedars Social

OAK CLIFF — Anchovies? Lucia's David Uygur tells Rich Vana the little fishes are a "staple of a good pantry" ... and a helluva lot more. [Entree Dallas]

KNOX-HENDERSONCedars Social will have second location, reports Steven Doyle. It'll take over the old Trece on Travis. [CraveDFW]

GRAPEVINE — So, what you're saying is don't go to Grapevine this weekend: With today's installment of "Somebody Help This Poor Girl," Nancy Nichols has done a service not only for the group of 19 moms and kids who will be "invading" Grapevine restos this weekend, but also for those who want to avoid said group. [SideDish]

David Uygur peeks out from his post at Lucia. [Photo: Andrea Grimes/EDFW]


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Cedars Social

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