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The State Fair Is Already Fare Game

Sally Horchow sporting Big Tex's welcome statement.
Sally Horchow sporting Big Tex's welcome statement.
Photo: Very Good Looking

Anyone who has ever been to or even read a thing about the State Fair of Texas knows that with all of the eating that goes on there, it pretty much serves as Dallas' most awesome month-long pop-up restaurant. People who work in restaurants, build restaurants and create menus for restaurants compete to get stalls for their high-calorie offerings and for the opportunity to trade crazy-ass fried foods for tickets. It's no where near September (115 days until opening day) but the excitement is already mounting.

And apparently that SFOT culinary excitement reached as far as Los Angeles over Memorial Day weekend.

Style maven, taste maker and columnist Sally Horchow (she lives in Los Angeles now, but grew up in Dallas so we still claim her, dammit) decided to pay a little homage to the Lone Star State and Dallas' greatest attraction on her site Very Good Looking. Naturally, she did that by deep frying peanut butter and jelly and banana (and Nutella) sandwiches.

Now if only Horchow would come home for the Fair and do a video Q&A series with all the food vendors. She clearly has the chops and isn't afraid to take down some fried foods on camera.

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