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Tim Love Smokes Food & Wine Chat

He's baaack. Tim Love can't seem to stay out of the media eye for too long. It helps that he's got a line of grilling tools to pimp.

Food & Wine wrangled a chat with Love and the Food & Wine Facebook fans in which the smoke-scented chef offered tips for hosting the perfect cookout — taking a bit of time to pitch his Sur La Table series as the perfect tools for the job.

As always, Love proves the somewhat-questionable-mostly-silly-quote master. At least, when said quotes are removed from context, so naturally... This time, winners include:
- "[N]ever rub the meat..."
- "Drink very fast!"
- "If you want to get real crazy like me, smoke some vegetables."

Of course, Love was talking about pork butt, chilling wine and prepping a cookout menu (as opposed to actually smoking the veg, yo), but c'mon, everyone needs a good chuckle before they throw their first blackberry cobbler on the barbecue.

No, seriously. He even smokes his cobbler.

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[Photo: Chef Tim Love/Official]

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