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Want the Manliest? Men's Health Points to Tim Love's Woodshed Smokehouse

It's time to exercise the power of democracy and vote ... well, sort of.

Men's Health is holding a vote for the Manliest Restaurants in America. [Collective ugh. Collective sigh.] But hey, points for variety. The various categories span seafood shack, pizza parlor, all the way to adventurous eating.

As City of Ate pointed out, Tim Love's Woodshed Steakhouse made the nominees for Best BBQ Joint. Men's Health provides this description:

Why it's nominated: Carolina BBQ, Texas BBQ, Kansas City BBQ-as the debate for what region owns the best barbecue smolders among smoked food lovers across the U.S., the chef of this smokehouse, Tim Love, does his own thing. At Woodshed, Love's 14,000-square-foot barbecue complex, he's smoking BBQ that he and his customers think taste good. That's it. His menu includes oak-smoked red fish, game birds, and heads of cauliflower. It takes balls for a well-established BBQ baron like Love to move the world of barbecue forward. Call him a smoked-protein progressive.

What's even better is that Smokehouse is designed to make friends. The entire facility opens to the great outdoors. Long picnic tables overlook the Trinity River. The long bar hosts 25 on-tap craft beers-so, go ahead, slide one down to the pretty little lady at the end. Then dance with her to the live bands that rock the stage. "It's like one huge backyard party," says Love.

But barbecue and Tim Love aren't the only Texas reps who got a shout out for machismo, food balls or whatever makes a restaurant "manly." Cattleman's Steakhouse is a nominee for (shocker) Best Steakhouse.

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Woodshed Smokehouse. [Photo: EDFW]

Woodshed Smokehouse

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