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Another Dallas Food Truck Park; Cheese Fries or Snuffer's Last Reitz?

TRUCKWIREAmbassador Food Truck Park will provide free space to food trucks just outside the U.S. Food Trucks building (near Mockingbird Lane and Interstate 35), which builds and leases food truce and also houses a commissary for mobile chefs. Sarah Blaskovich reports the opening date will be mid-August. [Pegasus News]

LOWER GREENVILLEScott Reitz tried to conquer the deep dish of shame and Snuffer's cheese fries. He failed. To be fair, that's probably for the best. [City of Ate]

IRVING — And in Irving, Carol Shih ate at Captain Nemo's Steak Submarines. The bread, while "soft, fluffy, and perfect for a sub that you want to rip apart with your teeth," is also intimidating in the most awesome way ever. [SideDish]

Easy Slider. [Photo: Stephen Masker/EDFW]