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Welcome to the Taco Party; Englishman Remains Defiant

TRUCKWIRETaco Party is the latest to join the Dallas food truck fleet. Taco Trail got a first look at Taste of Dallas' Taste Curbside. [Taco Trail via Pegasus News]

FAIR PARK — It's no secret we think Gavin Cleaver (the Englishman who writes about barbecue) is a freaking gem, but today he offered even more brilliant bits of Brit-imagery. Like this masterful word-nugg: "Defiantly eating sodden meat in a rainstorm." [City of Ate]

LAKEWOOD — The beloved mural of Matt's Rancho Martinez is making its fourth move and getting a revamp in time for the restaurant's reopening soon. Changes include depiction of Ron Kirk as sheriff of the mural. [Advocate]

Gavin Cleaver tried the meat of Lockhart ... sort of. [Photo: Lockhart Smokehouse/Facebook]