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Derry Offered a Little Succotash Rise and Shine

Chef prepares.
Chef prepares.
Photo: Private Social/Facebook

This morning, Private Social's Tiffany Derry was up bright and early and ready to cook. Just not in the comforts of her own kitchen. Fortunately, the Top Chef alum is used to big-ass bright lights and unfamiliar equipment, so surely her demo on Fox 4 was old hat.

She promoted KRLD Restaurant Week — you'll be hearing a lot of that until it starts, then more of that while it happens, then even a bit more after — by cooking up some succotash and chicken for the viewing enjoyment of those at home (and likely the actual enjoyment of those in the studio).

There's no video at this time, but there's a recipe if you want to put on your best Derry smile and go for it.

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