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Twisted Root's Crazy Tube Steak; Englishman's Hard Eight

DOGWIRE — OK, so the Dallas Diva seems to have found the perfect rival for a night out seeing Magic Mike: a dinner with Twisted Root's Dirk Diggler Dog. [The Dallas Diva]

BBQWIRE — "No faffing around." Guess An Englishman In BBQ Sauce was short lived as a sparkling indie in the blogosphere — Gavin Cleaver has been snapped up by City of Ate. His first contribution is reviewing Hard Eight BBQ. [City of Ate]

LEWISVILLE — In as few as three months Lewisville City Council will vote on a smoking ban affecting restaurants, including those "with seating for less than 50 patrons and a physically separated bar." [Pegasus News via Star Local News]

[Photo: Twisted Root Burger Co./Facebook]