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Main Street Garden Is Coming Up Tacos

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Downtown finally gave the go-ahead to satisfy Main Street Garden's taco craving. Rusty Taco opened for business this morning at 7 a.m., reports the Dallas Morning News' Robert Wilonsky, who stopped by the new location just a few minutes after service started.

He reports:

[Isaac] Luciano's the man charged with opening Rusty Fenton’s new eateries, and he acknowledges: The cafe space downtown is by far the smallest he's had to deal with. And it's further complicated by the fact there's no actual cooking surface, which is why breakfast will be prepared and packaged offsite. Lunch will be cooked elsewhere, but assembled at Main Street Garden — hence, Luciano says, the truncated menu that will consist of several fan "favorites."
While the BYOB status (and occasional free margarita) of the spot may attract some folks, the comments of Wilonsky's piece make it clear that the lack of on-site prep will definitely deter a fraction of potential diners.

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[Photo: Rusty Taco/Facebook]