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Which Restaurants Are the Gems of DFW's Indian Cuisine?

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It's time to hear from the crowd. Have something you want discussed among the fine Eater Dallas readers? Send it this way.
RotiGrill500.jpgIs Roti Grill on the list? [Photo: Roti Grill/Official]

A reader recently asked for help around town regarding a specific culinary genre. He was looking for Indian restaurants and he didn't just want suggestions, he wanted to know where Eater Dallas readers frequented who were truly passionate about Indian food. Rather than presume expertise for all of our readers, it seems a better idea to get the answer straight from the diners' mouths ... or fingers/keystrokes, as the case may be.

Which Indian restaurants in the DFW area are absolute gems? Which places earn recommendation without a second thought? Which rule the spice?

Toss suggestions into the comments or down the tipline (always open). And don't forget to add why you think so. A review of responses will come later this week.

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