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Free Cupcake Day; Leslie Brenner Live Chat

CEDAR HILL — Free things are sweet, and especially so when the free things are 30 flavors of cupcakes at Bakery on a Hill. Guests can each select one freebie from 10 a.m. to 9 p.m. tomorrow (Thursday). [NBC DFW]

BRENNERWIRE — She probably rules at relationships because Leslie Brenner is into open communication. Readers can post questions for the critic now, and she'll answer as many as possible during a live chat tomorrow at 4 p.m. Mind the language. [DMN]

KNOX-HENDERSONLemon Bar is checking out of West Village and moving into the equally walkable Knox-Henderson area. It will take over the former Alma location. [SideDish]

[Photo: Bakery on a Hill/Facebook]