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CultureMapping Teresa Gubbins

As has been much the talk, Pegasus News was purchased by The Dallas Morning News last week. As Nancy Nichols notes, much of the Pegasus staff moves right along with the sale.

But not food writing maven Teresa Gubbins.

Since the sale, the old Pegasus RSS has been missing the T-Gubbs byline ... and missing a pant load of original content. She was a tireless reporter for the website, spewing out restaurant and chef stories seemingly every hour on the hour — and for Dallas proper as well as its venerable suburbs. How she did it is hard to say, but we suspect clones with big appetites and/or holograms.

Before working at Pegasus News for more than six years, Gubbins had already been a DMN employee for more than a decade. It wasn't a hard guess that she wouldn't make a return move following the purchase, and the absentee byline confirmed. But what she would do wasn't so obvious ... except considering that CultureMap Dallas, a lifestyle website expanding to the city, has been gathering staff for its upcoming launch.

So Gubbins will join Jennifer Chininis and three other former D Magazine staffers in charting the cultural territory of Big D.

"I'm excited about Culture Map coming to Dallas — they've assembled a terrific team of people who combine journalism skills with the nimble mindset you need for online media, and I'm grateful I can continue to write about our great local restaurants and chefs," Gubbins said via email today.

That Gubbins will be back in our feeds is exciting. It's the waiting that's bittersweet.

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Teresa Gubbins' Pegasus News byline photo. [Photo: Courtesy Teresa Gubbins]