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Farewell to Craft and Screen Door; Sobbing Over Lockhart

VICTORY PARK — Want one more visit to Craft? Well, you could go have one last meal there, or you could pretend you did without having to get up (such behavior may have contributed to the restaurant's closing). If Steven Doyle's last look is your first, however, you should be ashamed. [CraveDFW]

ARTS DISTRICT — So the rumor had been put out there, but now it's been confirmed by Leslie Brenner: Screen Door will shutter after tomorrow night's service. Dallas Voice reports the name of the new Lombardi venture going into the space is Cafe Des Artistes. [Eats/Dallas Voice]

OAK CLIFF — Sauce-loving Englishman Gavin Cleaver made his way to Lockhart Smokehouse and now would like his readers to think of him eating leftover brisket "in the dark, while sobbing on the floor of [his] kitchen." To be clear, that brisket is the same brisket he describes as "the greatest chocolate you'd ever tasted, but out of delicious meat." [City of Ate]

[Photo: Craft Dallas/Facebook]

Lockhart Smokehouse

400 West Davis Street, Dallas, TX 75208

Cafe Des Artistes

1722 Routh Street Suite 132, Dallas, TX 75201 (214) 701-3396 Visit Website