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Relocation of Matt's Rancho Martinez Reaches Stalemate

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Construction of the new location of Matt's Rancho Martinez in Lakewood reached a stalemate yesterday when a contentious meeting between the Home Owners Association, the City of Dallas and Matt's owners was ended without resolution. As reported the issue lies with Matt's development plans which would allegedly hinder traffic in La Vista Drive between Like Oak and Skillman and harm other businesses by eliminating 30 parking spots.

Matt's owner Estella Martinez sent out a "heavy heart"ed letter today to customers and neighbors explaining her point of view. Click below to read.

To all our friends and family in the Lakewood area & beyond,

In late February I wrote a farewell letter to our La Vista location. The family, staff, many loyal guests and I left with heavy hearts. We all were sustained by the future possibilities that our Skillman Location could offer.

A new, fresh start in the neighborhood we are a part of and dearly love. For over 20 years we have been good neighbors and active participants of the Lakewood community. I believe that we have been and continue to be a positive influence, providing excellent food and service, providing jobs and opportunities for our staff and contributing to the community thru countless charitable contributions.

Many of you have asked, “Why aren’t we open yet?” We have encountered countless obstacles and challenges that we had not foreseen. We have, with perseverance and determination, met each one.

Our latest hurdle has been our meetings with the neighborhood associations. It seems that they are unhappy with the patio plans that the city has already signed off on. I left a HOA meeting Thursday night and was totally devastated that we left without resolution. They are very sympathetic to our plight and it is not Matt’s they are against, but it is Matt’s that is trying to be neighborly and resolve any and all concerns.

We have been closed for 5 months; we have invested our time, talent and all of our treasure into this venture. We want to open and continue to serve the neighborhood and do what we believe we do well.

May God help us because no else seems to be willing to do so.
-- Estella B. Martinez

—Chad Jones
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Matt's Rancho Martinez

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