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The Early Word on Ten Bells Tavern

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Photo: Tommy Kilpatrick

It’s been over a month since Anglophile Meri Dalhke opened Ten Bells Tavern, named for the British pub that regularly served Jack the Ripper. The Bishop Arts based bar draws a kinder crowd than its namesake. Ten Bells is riddled with quirky British mementos including a Doctor Who-inspired blue Tardis front door and pub style menu of fish and chips, burgers, and pickled eggs, loving prepared by chef Carlos Mancera, an alum from One2One. Since its concept was announced in March, Bishop Arts residents have been giddy with the promise of a beer garden in the area. And thus far, the tavern has met their expectation. Here’s what social media critics are saying about Ten Bells Tavern:

The Burger News: Over on Facebook, a commenter raves about the cheeseburger: “Miracles really do come true. Introducing "The Daylon" - Jacks Cheeseburger sans onion with fresh sliced jalapeños and a fried egg. It's a little handful of Heaven.” [Facebook]

The Good Impression News: A Facebook commenter shares Ten Bells with his parents: “Capped off the weekend with some awesome beef sandwiches and beers. They were out of Deep Ellum IPA, but Dogfish Head 90 Minute is always worth it! I introduced my mom and dad to Ten Bells for the first time and they were suitably impressed. [Facebook]

The Great Experience News: One Facebooker thinks it’s the total package: “Just got back from some top-notch wings and fish & chips. Great atmosphere and stupendous service. Definitely coming back!” [Facebook]

The Pickled Egg News: One Yelper loves the eggs: “We talked about the food menu that is coming out pretty soon the types of beers they are going to have, 41 bottled beers and 7 taps to choose from. Then.... one of my mostest favoritest food item in the world was brought to our attention.... Pickled eggs. ??Now before you get your panties in a wad listen.... It sounds about as dirty as it gets... but until you try it, you have no idea of what type of ambrosia you are missing. They offer three types of pickled eggs that are going to be rotating on a regular basis. ?Beet root, fennel seed and anise seed, Curry?and Plain Jane I am not kidding you, try it at least once.” [Yelp]

The Crowd News: A Yelp commenter breaks down the people in the room: “Who Hangs out here: friends, couples, bicycle riders, business associates, owners of local restaurants and shops, people from the neighborhood, musicians, and Travelers in search a that Euro Pub they miss.” [Yelp}

The Canine News: Blog Best Damn Things praises the tavern’s dedication to dogs: “Most people know that Meri adopted the famous guard dog Jack, who was abandoned after a warehouse closed down next to Lee Harvey’s in Dallas. Well, Jack has since passed and Meri was recently quoted as saying ‘Ten Bells was created in his honor and we hope to make Jack’s legacy one of love and kindness for animals in need.’ Not only is much of the décor an homage to Jack, but Ten Bells’ opening day included a doggy pool party and doggy wash charity event to benefit Animal Rescue of Texas. Needless to say, Ten Bells is extremely dog friendly and patrons are encouraged to bring photos of their own canine best friends to be displayed right alongside Jack.” [Best Damn Things]

The Decor News: Urban Daddy paints an image of the exterior: “Imagine a ramshackle old house. Now imagine it refurbished, stocked with 40 bottled beers and sporting that pleasant bangers-and-mash new-bar smell. Good. Now you’ve got an idea of what to expect.” [Urban Daddy]

The Good News: A Foursquare user likes the patio: “Make sure to visit the patio. Groovy live blues tunes were jammin from a local Oak Cliff band last time we were here.” [Foursquare]
— Ashley Mason
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Ten Bells Tavern

232 West 7th Street, , TX 75208 (214) 943-2677 Visit Website

Ten Bells Tavern

232 West 7th St., Dallas, TX 75208

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