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Does Dallas Have the Cheapest Restaurant Tippers?

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The Houston Press is claiming that Dallas has the worst restaurant tippers. So are all the big spenders in the many high-end restaurants around town are ultimately cheapskates when it comes to service?

Well, maybe not.

The information had been compiled by Houston Press' food critic Katherine Shilcutt from the site Lousy Tippers, a database and blog site venting lousy tips on big ticket dinners. But Eater's looked at the site before and could question its reliability. No doubt the site provides an avenue for frustrated service industry workers to be publicly pissed off about the $2 tip for a $60 meal, but with its anonymous founder and an apparent open door policy on crude statements by workers, is the Dallas bad tipping conclusion based on legit information? It's just as plausible to offer that Dallas has the largest population of angry waiters who have been introduced to the website, which would account for higher entries, or that Dallas has one very bored and disgruntled 14-year-old busboy. Eater added a fictitious entry for a terrible customer named Timothy Toodles in less than a minute. (Sorry Dallas, we made us look worse.)
—Rich Lopez
· Does Dallas-Fort Worth Have the Worst Tippers in the State? [Houston Press via City of Ate]
· Lousy Tippers [Official Site]
[Tip Photo: rankingfuuta]

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