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Restaurants Worry About Bees During Aerial Spraying

Plans for an aerial pesticide spraying over Dallas County have been approved and some restaurateurs are concerned. According to a piece in the Dallas News, only a minority are worried gardens or patios, enacting plans to bleach the patio after the sprayings or cover garden beds "just so that we’re not churning that into our soil when we turn the bends in about two weeks."

But some are worried that the bees that make the restaurants honey will be killed when the pesticides drop. A rep for the Fairmont Dallas, which keeps rooftop beehives and a garden, says they may cover the bees with special boxes. The GM of Garden Cafe is East Dallas is more worried about losing bees that are needed to pollinate fruits and vegetables. Time will tell.
· Dallas restaurants keeping an eye on plans for West Nile aerial spraying [DMN]
[Photo via Dallas News]