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The Early Buzz on The Bowery

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Photo: via City of Ate

It's been one steamy, sweltering month since the powers behind Campo and Oak brought fancy hot dogs to Uptown. Occupying an old converted house (the former location of the Brazilian-Asian fusion Lumi, which closed in January) on McKinney Avenue, The Bowery offers sausages from the traditional (a Chicago-style dog on a poppyseed bun) to the extravagant (housemade duck sausage with foie gras and blueberry jam), all served on faux newspaper alongside specialty cocktails and champagne drinks. The spot's late-night hours and cozy-but-modern setting—think warm wood paneling and vintage photos of New York City—have already established it as a hot destination for Uptown night owls, but what are Dallas social media-ites saying about it?

The Good News: One Yelp commenter lavishes the Oversized Dutchman (a brat on a baguette with Gouda cream, bacon, chives and waffle fries) with praise; meanwhile, photographer/blogger Joylicious mentions that the Mexican Dog, loaded with a bevy of south-of-the-border toppings, was tasty enough to transport her to another time and place. [Joylicious]

The Bad News: One Yelper says The Bowery is expensive, declaring that "glory comes at a steep price", while another sums it up by saying, "The dogs are really good, like really good. But they are expensive, and we all left hungry." [Yelp]

The Fantastic Waffle Fries News: The waffle fries get multiple shout-outs on Yelp, with reviewers describing them as "cheese soaked" and "sinful"; TasteFullDallas declares the green chili cheese-smothered version delicious. (Sounds like The Bowery might be a good alternative for Chick-Fil-A fry lovers suffering from a guilty conscience.) [Yelp]

The Bad News for Calorie Counters: The Bowery's menu is lacking in healthy options, complains one Yelper. There's an array of deep-fried items including a battered chicken dog and tater tots, but nary a turkey or soy dog--there is, however, a portabella on a wheat bun, but its "odd blend of flavors" means this meatless dog is "def not worth 8 bucks". However, Eat Style Dallas and a Facebooker both mention the "killer" kale chips, a nutritious standout amongst all the tube meats and fried fare. [Eat Style Dallas]

The Mixed Drink Prices News: Opinions seem to be split on The Bowery's drink prices--Bad Dates in Dallas says the handmade cocktails are priced competitively, and at least one Yelper agrees, saying, the drinks are on par with neighbor Tate's for less money, while another takes issue with paying six bucks for draft beer at a hot dog joint. [Yelp]

The Terrible Parking Situation News: City of Ate's LDD notes that parking in this area is notoriously difficult; valet is available for five bucks, but you can also take it upon yourself to find a spot on Cole Avenue if you're feeling lucky and/or thrifty. [City of Ate]
—Whitney Filloon

The Bowery

3407 McKinney Ave., Dallas, TX