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CraveDFW's Steven Doyle Gives Props to A Knowledgable Server at Nora

This week we're spotlighting some of the best front of house professionals around town. (Be sure to drop us a line if you've got a favorite FOH staffer you think deserves a mention.) Steven Doyle of CraveDFW has kind words for a server at Nora doing a fantastic job:

On a recent visit to the very new Afghan restaurant, Nora, we were assisted by one of best servers in the city. Mike was so very knowledgeable and helped us circumnavigate the entire menu, which if you are unfamiliar with this type of food a co-pilot is certainly necessary. His recommendations allowed us to taste a large variety of dishes without bumping tastebuds with similar flavors.

On a separate occasion Mike was not serving, but instead behind the bar. The man can sincerely mix cocktails, and even conjured up one that wasn't on the menu for good measure. He won't be happy that I am sharing the fact that his Afghan Mule is a wonderful take on the Moscow version, but with a spicy lift of cardamom infused vodka that he prepares in-house.

I wanted to give props for this man's versatility and love for his craft.

—Steven Doyle
[Photo credit: Steven Doyle]


1928 Greenville Avenue, Dallas