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New Capriotti Sandwich Shop in Dallas Doubles as Museum

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The old Magnolia Gasoline Station at 902 Ross Avenue got a new lease on life this Monday when it opened as Capriotti’s Sandwich Shop. With locations across the States, Capriotti's is a chain focusing on subs, salads and—you guessed it—sandwiches. This new Dallas spot is their second in Texas after the first in Plano (4021 Preston Rd).

The historic Magnolia gas station dates from 1923, and according to Capriotti's press people, the renovation unearthed a mysterious "previously unknown structure" that's now under investigation by the Dallas Preservation Society. In the end, Capriotti's kept the original structure intact and also set up a small display of historic memorabilia for customers who like to look at things other than their smartphones while they wait.

—Chad Jones
[Photo: Capriotti's]

Capriotti's Sandwich Shop

902 Ross Ave Dallas, TX 75202

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