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New Pool Club in Uptown; The Dude Works at Chuy's

UPTOWN—A new bar/restaurant/members-only pool called Sisu Uptown Resort opens Monday on Maple Avenue. The two-level spot features three bars plus cabanas, because who doesn't want to prance around in a bikini while feasting on pork belly sliders in October? [UrbanDaddy]

KNOX-HENDERSON—Apparently there's a server at Chuy's who looks like The Dude (you know, the one that drinks White Russians) and has the gall to tell customers they're "shit out of luck". Chimichanga-loving fans of The Big Lebowski better get there soon, because he probably won't be around much longer after this blog. [Almost Veggie via Pegasus News]

PLANO—From the owners of Urban Crust and Urban Rio comes Nate's Gelato & Desserts, now open in downtown Plano. The shop features gelato flavors like Nutella, prickly pear and salted caramel alongside pastries and cakes, plus hot chocolate and coffee drinks. Nate's is located at 1000 East 14th Street and is open until 11 p.m. on the weekends to catch the post-dinner crowds. [Eaterwire]

[Photo credit: Sisu Uptown Resort/Facebook]