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Motor City Coney Island Now Open Downtown

motorcity.JPGMichigan transplants can now find a taste of home downtown: Victoria Qafa quietly opened Motor City Coney Island at 1300 Main Street about a month ago to bring a taste of Detroit comfort food to Dallas. Any voracious eater is familiar with hot dogs of the New York and Chicago styles, but a slightly lesser known version hails from Detroit: the Coney dog.

A Coney dog consists of a beef and pork dog on a steamed bun topped with all-meat chili, chopped onions and classic yellow mustard. Victoria says she sources her dogs and chili from National Chili, a Detroit-based company that supplies the majority of Michigan's Coney Island restaurants. (Coney Island is not one particular chain, but rather a distinct type of restaurant serving classic Greek-American fare including gyros and the ubiquitous Coneys.)

In addition to dogs and gyros, Motor City also serves Philly-style cheesesteaks, handmade burgers, Reubens, and "Coney Loose Burgers" (imagine if a Maid-Rite sandwich and a hot dog had a meaty love child), plus Greek salads with housemade dressing.

Hours are limited for now, just 11 a.m. to 3 p.m. on weekdays, but Victoria said she's looking for a new cook—"someone who can cook my food just like I do"—so she can expand her hours.

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[Photo credit: Motor City Coney Island]

Motor City Coney Island

1300 Main Street, Dallas