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Critics Weigh In On Acme F&B, Urban Rio and More

Over at the Dallas Morning News, Leslie Brenner awarded Plano's Urban Rio just one star, citing entirely too many TVs in the dining room and shaky service; the "Next Mex" cuisine was uneven but she did find "admirable house-made corn tortillas" and a tasty carnitas torta. Meanwhile Mark Vamos visited Chicken Scratch and declares the chicken pretty good, "if not as ethereally fabulous as Sissy's." He finds the slightly sweet breading "a little odd", though.

Scott Reitz mostly dissed the dogs at The Bowery, recommending that the upscale McKinney Avenue sausage spot find a new supplier for their hot dogs, which he says are "more J. Roget than Veuve Clicquot", though he does find the housemade pork sausage to be "rich, juicy and delicious."

Teresa Gubbins reviewed Acme F&B for, finding it both "homey and fresh"; she lavishes praise on the chicken and dumplings, saying she finds it "hard to think of a more comforting dish".

The Fort Worth Weekly trekked out to Weatherford to visit the "interesting and innovative" Wild Mushroom Steakhouse, and despite the terrible construction, found it worth visiting; although it took three tries to get prime rib cooked properly, the end result was "lushly tasty and moist".

Acme F&B. [Photo credit: Stephen Masker/EDFW]

Chicken Scratch

2303 Pittman Street, Dallas, TX 75208 214-749-1112