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Coming Soon: Yellow Belly Food Truck

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Jason Tolleson first came up with the idea for Yellow Belly a decade ago, and partnered with his friends Nathan Short and Matt Sanders, his concept will soon come to fruition in the form of a food truck. Tolleson has been cooking for over twenty years, starting at the Four Seasons in Austin, and he's cooked for some notable names including the Dalai Lama. (If it's good enough for His Holiness, perhaps it'll be good enough for Dallas food truck groupies as well.)

Tolleson says the truck's menu will be based around a line of sauces made from yellow tomatoes. "Yellow tomatoes are sweeter and less acidic," he says, "So they're perfect for sauces." Tolleson says it was a bit difficult to source such large quantities of the less common colored tomatoes in the beginning, but they've now forged relationships with growers to produce all the sunny-colored fruit they need.

Each item on the "New American" menu will feature one of several Yellow Belly sauces; for example, a brisket "hot dog". The meat is smoked, ground and then stuffed into a natural casing and paired with their yellow barbecue sauce. Truck chasers can also expect to find sweet potato fries served with yellow ketchup. Other featured sauces will include a yellow marinara and a charred tomato vinaigrette, and all the varieties will eventually be available for retail sale.

The truck is currently being built by San Antonio-based Cruisin' Kitchens, who is also responsible for a number of other local trucks including SlushWorks and Good Karma Kitchen. Yellow Belly hopes to be rolling in about three weeks.

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