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Chef DAT is Back; Eat Cheap at Ten Bells Tavern

SECRET LOCATION—Underground dinner darling Chef DAT is back from a six week road trip and he's throwing a dinner party to celebrate. This Friday, September 7, DAT will host a six course BYOB dinner inspired by his road trippin'. (No beef jerky, promise.) Call 214-714-0892 or email Chef DAT to reserve your $70 seat at the table. [Twitter]

ALLEN—The Watters Creek development will host its first annual Haute Wheels Food Truck Fest on Friday, September 22 from 6 to 9p.m. A bevy of food trucks including Ssahm BBQ, Good Karma Kitchen, Coolhaus and Ruthie's Rolling Cafe will invade the 'burbs for the evening; proceeds benefit two firefighter associations. [Eaterwire]

Ten Bells Tavern is offering a cheeseburger, fries and a beer for a ten spot tonight (and every Tuesday night); if you're hungry, thirsty and feeling thrifty, get on down to the only Dallas bar sporting a Doctor Who-inspired blue door to cash in. [Twitter]

[Photo credit: Chef DAT Official]