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Tesar's Tacos; Romancing the Design District

The Design District's outdoor market.
The Design District's outdoor market.
Photo credit: Deep Ellum Outdoor Market Blog

PRESTON CENTER—Tony seafood spot Spoon Bar & Kitchen probably isn't the first place that comes to mind for taco lovers to get their fix, but thanks to some gentle prodding from taco blogger Jose Ralat-Maldonado, chef John Tesar's menu will feature the handheld meal for one night only. Tuesday the 15th (that's tomorrow), Spoon will serve "Ipswich clam with fire-roasted salsa, jalapeño essence, avocado relish and dried sweet corn on a grilled flour tortilla". [Taco Trail]

PLANO—Heads up, New England expats: The much-lauded clam bellies will be featured this weekend at Sea Breeze Fish Market, deep-fried and stuffed into a "New England Clam Roll" or as a platter. [CraveDFW]

DESIGN DISTRICT—Those looking to plan a less cheesy V-Day outing might consider the Design District's special Valentine's edition of its outdoor market, which will return on February 9 with food trucks, beer and wine, "roaming musicians", a pop-up cafe, and local vendors hawking everything from jewelry to vintage clothes. [Pegasus News]