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New York's Elixir Juice Coming to DFW

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Inside Elixir Juice in Beverly Hills.
Inside Elixir Juice in Beverly Hills.
Photo credit: Eater LA

The juicing trend rages on: Elixir Juice, which originated in New York's West Village in 1999, will open a store in DFW... well, sometime. The juice bar chain's website notes a Dallas outpost—exact location "tba"—with a projected opening date of November 2012, which has clearly come and gone; a company rep says the Elixir name was licensed out to a Dallas entrepreneur who is still working on securing a site.

The juice franchise, which also just expanded into Los Angeles, showcases freshly made smoothies and juices featuring fresh fruits with everything from coconut water and watermelon juice to matcha green tea and peanut butter, plus supplements like St. John's wort, bee pollen, and gingko biloba, as well as a so-hot-right-now juice cleanse program. They advertise their smoothies as including "no fillers, purees, ice, sorbet, ice cream, frozen yogurt and no unhealthy sweeteners."

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