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Score Free Seats to FT33 & Driftwood's Surf and Turf Dinner Series

Turf at FT33 or surf at Driftwood.
Turf at FT33 or surf at Driftwood.
Photos: Stephen Masker for EDFW/Driftwood

Chef Omar Flores of Eater Restaurant of the Year Driftwood and Eater Chef of the Year Matt McCallister of FT33 are teaming up for a "Surf and Turf" dinner series. The chefs will collaborate on two six-course menus featuring products of the land and of the sea; the "Surf" dinner will be held at Driftwood on February 4, and the "Turf" dinner will follow February 25 at FT33. Seats are $100 plus tax and gratuity, with wine pairings for an additional $50. (Seats are very limited, so if you want in, call Driftwood at (214) 942-2530 or FT33 at (214) 741-2629 to reserve.)

Lucky for you, we have four seats to give away to Eater readers—one pair for the "Surf" dinner at Driftwood and another pair for the "Turf" dinner" at FT33. Send us an email at by noon on Wednesday telling us which dinner you'd like to attend, plus the surf and turf meal of your wildest fantasies; we'll choose the two most drool-inspiring entries and notify the winners Wednesday evening.


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