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This Year's St. Patrick's Day Parade to Be More 'Upscale', Less Drunk

Dallas city leaders are aiming to transform the annual St. Patrick's Day parade from the city's largest sloppy-drunk frat party into an "upscale", "family-friendly" event that "honors the Irish tradition and the pageantry of the parade", according to a report by Pegasus News.

The parade, which has been a Dallas tradition for more than 30 years and draws more than 100,000 green-clad revelers each year, will now be called the Dallas St. Patrick's Parade & Festival, a not-so-dramatic rebranding from its former moniker of "Greenville Avenue St. Patrick's Day Parade". It even bears a fancy new logo, although the route—and seemingly, everything else about it—will stay the same.

Members of the Greenville Avenue Area Business Association in charge of organizing the parade say they'll be considerably more choosy about who they allow into the parade this year, barring folks from drinking on the floats as they have done in years past; it is unknown how much effect this will have on the thousands of people that line up along the parade route with coolers to commence boozing in the morning hours. (What's that old saying? "You can lead a horse to water, but you can't make it stop chugging Bud Light?")

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This year's parade will be the same as previous years', except with more kids and less drunk people. Maybe. [Photo credit: St Patrick's Day Parade/Facebook]