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Monica Greene's Restaurant Empire Goes Kaput

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Monica's Nueva Cocina and BEE both went dark over the weekend.
Monica's Nueva Cocina and BEE both went dark over the weekend.
Photos: Ilume/BEE

2013 isn't off to such a good start for beloved restaurateur Monica Greene: Over the weekend it was reported that Monica's Nueva Cocina in Oak Lawn had gone dark, then just a day later word surfaced that BEE Enchiladeria in Oak Cliff was also closed.

Three weeks ago Greene announced she had parted ways with Nueva Cocina, her newest and most adventurous project (char siu gorditas and sushi were served alongside Greene classics like Mexican lasagna) that had only been open since August, which was clearly an indication that trouble was brewing. BEE—that's "Best Enchiladas Ever", for the uninitiated—a fast-casual Chipotle-esque enchilada concept, was considerably more established, doing steady business near the Bishop Arts district since debuting back in January of 2011.

So what does this mean for Greene and her legions of loyal fans? Will the resilient restaurateur resurface soon with new projects, or is 2013 doomed to be a year without Monica Greene?

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Monica’s Nueva Cocina and ME Lounge

4123 Cedar Springs Road, Dallas, TX 75219 214 219 1639 Visit Website

BEE: Best Enchiladas Ever

202 W Davis Street, Dallas, TX 75208 214 941 1233 Visit Website