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Pie Five Expands; Blythe Beck's Projects

COOKING WIRE—Need to brush up on your egg poaching technique? Dallas-based chef Ben Starr, a finalist on Gordon Ramsay's MasterChef and co-chef at underground restaurant Frank, shows you how it's done Julia Child-style. [Biz Insider]

DENTON—DFW-based Pie Five, aka the Subway of pizza, has opened a Denton location near the UNT campus. It's the first Pie Five to offer whole-grain crust, in addition to a gluten-free option. [Globe Newswire via NASDAQ]

CELEB CHEF WIRE—Former Central 214 chef/reality star Blythe Beck is temporarily leaving Dallas to work as creative director at The Movie Lounge in Fort Smith, Arkansas; a co-owner of the Lounge says Beck "is also currently working with two other restaurants, both in Dallas, helping them create and develop menus." Any guesses? [The City Wire]

[Photo credit: Pie Five/Facebook]

Pie Five

1120 West Hickory Street, Denton, TX