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OinknMoo BBQ Truck Gets Rolling Today

Photo credit: @CruisinKitchens

DFW's new barbecue truck hits the streets today, complete with fancy customized seats and an on-board smoker. OinknMoo BBQ is the brainchild of Dave Hunt, who aims to provide traditional Texas barbecue just the way he likes it—"a little sweet, a little spicy", so "it melts in your mouth"—with the help of a little seasoning and a lot of patience.

The truck's menu includes classic barbecue fare like pulled pork, ribs, and burnt ends, plus new creations like chicken-fried brisket with cream gravy and "PignSlop", which combines French fries and slow-cooked pinto beans with two kinds of smoked meat and barbecue sauce.

The truck will be in Irving for lunch at 1660 Westridge Circle North; dinnertime will bring it downtown to Camden Farmers Market at 2210 Canton Street. Follow OinknMoo on Twitter for up-to-the-minute details.

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Camden Farmers Market

2210 Canton Street, Dallas, TX