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Texas Monthly Weighs In

boulevardiermenu.jpgTexas Monthly's February issue names the dozen best new restaurants in Texas for 2012, and DFW made a very strong showing: Boulevardier, Driftwood, Oak, and Woodshed Smokehouse were all lauded, while honorable mentions went to Sissy's and and FT33. (Austin got only two mentions, while Houston also came in with four). [TXMo]


408 North Bishop Avenue, , TX 75208 (214) 942-1828 Visit Website


2005 Federal Highway, , FL 33435 (561) 733-4782 Visit Website

Woodshed Smokehouse

3201 Riverfront Drive, Dallas - Fort Worth, TX 76107 817-877-4545 Visit Website


8118 Oak Street, , LA 70118 (504) 302-1485 Visit Website