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Stampede 66 Gets Four Stars from Leslie Brenner

Leslie Brenner gave Stampede 66 four stars: She was wowed by tacos with "superb corn tortillas", fried chicken that's "among the best in town", and a "spectacular rendition of shrimp and grits", going so far as to say that it's "at the top of [her] list of 30 essential Texas restaurants to visit not just before you die, but before the end of the week." [DMN]

Scott Reitz reviewed The Standard Pour: While he agrees that the cocktails are are top-notch, and refreshingly "served without a single ounce of pretension", he was less impressed with the food: Fried chicken is juicy and crisp and a cheesesteak is "delicious", if not traditional, but entrees like short ribs and a burger "come up way short", and the raucous atmosphere is less than ideal for dining. [Observer]

Teresa Gubbins evaluated Hopdoddy Burger Bar: The Austin export deserves its "better burger" label, but stick to the "picture-perfect" beef versions, as the housemade veggie patties are heavy with cumin and "disappointing". Salads are worthwhile, as are excellent fries and milkshakes in "novel flavors such as Nutella and chocolate pretzel". []

The Standard Pour

2900 McKinney Avenue, , TX 75204 (214) 935-1370 Visit Website

Stampede 66

1717 McKinney Avenue, , TX 75201 (214) 550-6966 Visit Website

Hopdoddy Burger Bar

1805 21st Avenue South, , TN 37212 (615) 823-2337 Visit Website