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Chino to Bring Asian Street Food to Trinity Groves

If you've been watching The Taste, the new ABC culinary competition show with Anthony Bourdain and the buxom Nigella Lawson, you may be vaguely familiar with contestant Uno Immanivong, a Dallas resident who also owns a "boutique food company" called Foodie Couture. As Carol Shih reports, Immanivong has her very own restaurant called Chino in the works at Trinity Groves. Chino will feature an Asian-Latin fusion menu (or, according to Shih, "the Americanized version of Asian street food").

Chino isn't slated to open till May, but those chomping at the bit for a taste can get a sneak preview via a one-night-only Chino pop-up at Trinity Groves brewhouse Four Corners Brewing Co. on February 9. (According to Ummanivong's company Facebook page, the pop-up idea was inspired by none other than Taste host Nigella Lawson.)

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Uno Immanivong impressed Bourdain and Lawson on The Taste; will Dallasites be equally bowled over by her Asian street food? [Photo credit: Foodie Couture/Facebook]