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Dude, Sweet Gets a Nod

dudeswtbox.jpgLocal chocolate renegade (and former Stephan Pyles pastry chef) Katherine Clapner has been named one of the top ten chocolatiers in America by Dessert Professional magazine. Clapner's been pushing the envelope with unconventional sweets utilizing everything from blue cheese to porcini mushrooms at Dude, Sweet Chocolate since it first opened in Bishop Arts in 2009; she's recently expanded her empire to include stores in Preston Center and Fort Worth's West 7th district. [Eaterwire]

Stephan Pyles

1807 Ross Avenue, Dallas, TX 75201 214 580 7000 Visit Website

Dude, Sweet Chocolate

408 W 8th Street Suite 102, Dallas, TX 75208 214 943 5943