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Leslie Brenner on Truck Yard: "So Totally Not Awesome"

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The critic has spoken: Lower Greenville's new hot spot the Truck Yard is like, "so totally not awesome."

Dallas Morning News restaurant critic Leslie Brenner recently visited the Yard for lunch, and then this happened: "Reality check time! Are you sitting down? Truck Yard only had two food trucks. No, not 22 — two! This is what everyone so excited about? Really, kids? Are we kidding?"

She submits that the Yard is "pretty cool-looking," but despite an exhaustive search, she and her lunch companion just "couldn't find anything else to eat." They would have settled for some ice cream from Carnival Barker's — "not that an ice cream truck is an idea throbbing with originality" — but the duo couldn't seem to locate the ice cream vendor. (Psst: It's located just off the front entrance, where a giant ice cream cone marks the spot.)

The bartender "pointed [them] to a cheese steak sandwich place at the far end of the permanent structure," which Brenner says "didn't sound very appetizing." (Hey, Leslie, the city of Philadelphia would like to have a word with you.)

Brenner attempts to get to the bottom of things by talking to the Truck Yard's PR, who explains they "strive to have three [trucks]" on hand at all times; she seizes the opportunity to make a dig at the city's ever-evolving food truck scene, asking "whether there even are three interesting food trucks in Dallas." Her overall impression of the Truck Yard: "Not awesome, dudes." It's probably safe to assume that the Yard's nearly 6,000 Facebook fans would disagree — as would the 50 or so people eating and drinking there at 11 p.m. on Monday night.
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