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West End's New Breastaurant Wants to Give You Crabs

There's a new breastaurant in town: Stingrays soft-opened last week in the tourist trap-y West End. As Observer critic Scott Reitz explains, "Picture Twin Peaks meets casual seafood and oyster shots in a 9,000 square-foot restaurant space."

The Stingrays menu is mighty heavy on the innuendo, with categories like "Size Matters" and "The Crabs You Want" (seriously). A seafood platter is referred to as "The Splatter," sides are listed under "Dinghies," and burgers are just "Burgers" because apparently they ran out of jokes.

Stingrays' Facebook page doesn't appear to have any photos of its actual staffers, but if the promo shots are to be believed, they're all giggly lingerie models wearing hot pants. Also, in case you're looking for a job, be advised that Stingrays offers "tanning and fitness packages" for its employees — both of which will certainly help you earn the "amazing tips" the restaurant promises.

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[Image: Stingrays/Facebook]


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