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Pumpkin-Infused Cognac and Chocolate-Caramel Whiskey at The People's Last Stand

The winter drink lineup at The People's Last Stand.
The winter drink lineup at The People's Last Stand.
Photos: Margo Sivin/EDFW

It might be a little difficult to think about sipping hot mulled wine or coffee spiked with whiskey when it's still 75 degrees and swampy outside, but despite the fact that the weather has yet to veer into parka-necessary territory, the crew at Mockingbird Station cocktail bar The People's Last Stand says their winter libation lineup is already selling better than expected. Read on for the full scoop on the winter drinks from owner Kartik Rathore and bartenders Chris Dempsey and Brad Bowden.

The Bishop: warmed port wine + lemon + orange + cinnamon + clove-studded baked orange

"One of the drinks that's selling the best is The Bishop, a port drink. Basically, we take a bunch of port and cook it down with clove-studded oranges for 20 to 30 minutes. Then we heat it up whenever we need it, add a little bit of lemon and OJ and bourbon and it's good to go. It's basically a mulled wine, a great winter drink."

Sleepy Hollow: pumpkin-infused cognac + allspice dram + lemon + orange + brown sugar + egg white

"The Sleepy Hollow is basically a fizz. It's the only drink that we brought back from last year, because it sold so well. For the pumpkin-infused cognac, we take a pumpkin, cut it up, cook it down and let it sit in a jar with the cognac for a couple days. The pumpkin is porous so it absorbs the flavor really quickly."

Ginger Snap Toddy: gingersnap liqueur + whiskey + allspice dram + lemon + orange + brown sugar + hot water

"The Ginger Snap Toddy is a hot drink served in a snifter. This is something we've been working on for a while, and we feel like we've finally perfected it. It's selling so well already, we've had to order more of the thermoses for heating the water."

Midnight Coffee: caramel & chocolate-infused Irish whiskey + coffee + whipped cream + espresso sugar dust

"The Midnight Coffee is killing it with that caramel and chocolate-infused Jameson. A lot of people are choosing to shoot that, too. It's really sweet and good — it warms your soul."

Stop by The People's Halloween party tonight where they'll be serving a couple Halloween-themed cocktails, one of which will be served on tap out of a giant pumpkin. Come mid-December they'll be holding a cocktail class to teach folks how to make winter drinks for holiday parties.

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