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Bartenders, Chefs & Food Writers Share Their Go-To Hangover Remedies

Where hangovers go to die.
Where hangovers go to die.
Photo: Russian Banya/Facebook

Hangovers are basically the bane of any enthusiastic cocktail drinker's existence. We asked local bartenders, chefs and food writers (aka the city's professional drinkers) to share the go-to remedies they turn to after a long night of indulging in a few too many drinks.

Charlie Papaceno, Windmill Lounge: "A big, greasy cheeseburger accompanied by a Manhattan Special Espresso soda with a scoop of Häagen-Dazs vanilla ice cream."

Leslie Brenner, Dallas Morning News restaurant critic: "I don't think I've had [a hangover] this century. In my youth, when I was living in California, I always found that a big old sloppy burrito did the trick. If I were to get a hangover here, I think I'd head to Good 2 Go Taco and hope to find a porkilicious Little Donkey burrito. That would be ideal."

Chris Dempsey, The People's Last Stand: "Advil, Alka Seltzer, a fat bowl, a shot of Fernet and a hot shower. If that doesn't work, you're screwed."

Jon Alexis, TJ's Seafood Market: "When I was in college, a guy in the TJ's kitchen taught me about 'Vuelve a la Vida'. Every culture has a hangover cure, this is Mexico's if you live near the coast. It loosely translates as 'Bring you back to life.' Basically it's a chilled seafood cocktail with a bloody mary-like tomato juice. You can put anything in there — shrimp, crab, lobster, raw oyster, etc. Nutrients from the veggies, vitamin C from the lime, protein in the seafood. I speak with experience, it works!"

Máté Hartai, The Libertine bartender: "My favorite hangover cure is a three mile run with my dog Elsa, but if you're looking for something more stationary, I would recommend any hearty, proper cream/egg white fizz such as the Ramos Gin Fizz — if you can find a bartender that's not also hungover to make it for you in the morning, that is."

Marc Ramirez, Dallas Morning News cocktail & culture writer: "Where I come from, menudo was always considered the great hangover cure, but I hate menudo even more than I hate hangovers. Instead, I've come to rely on a big bowl of pho to bring me back to life. (The one at Malai Kitchen usually does the trick.)"

Chef Patrick Stark, Sundown at Granada: "I like to drink 2 full glasses of my secret 'Green Drink' at Sundown at Granada, chased with a couple pieces of organic bacon. It cures a hangover like no one's business!"

Kevin Gray, UrbanDaddy Dallas editor: "A big bowl of pho. That combination of spicy broth with alcohol-absorbing noodles is a restorative wonder. If pho's not an option, beer and bloody marys are a solid plan B."

Matt Perry, Belly & Trumpet bartender: "I don't think there's really any foolproof cure other than sleep, but when we have a stock pot going back in the kitchen, I lean over it and breathe in the steam. To take that a step further — a trip to Russian Banya."