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Zoli's Sets a New Standard for NY-Style Pizza, & More

Teresa Gubbins went to Zoli's NY Pizza: She's got nothing but praise for Jay Jerrier's newest pizza venture, proclaiming that Zoli's has "set a new standard for New York-style pizza" in Dallas. Three styles of pies include the Grandma, a "moderately thick," "moist, filling pie with lots of cheese and toppings," the "lighter and crunchier" Sicilian, and perhaps best of all, the traditional round pie with a flavorful crust that, thanks to a dough-aging process, offers "unexpected flavor notes: toast, coffee, tobacco, yeast, popcorn." Toppings for all the pies, including "house-made meatballs or artisan sausage by Dallas chef Brian Luscher" and plenty of veggies, are "fresh and top-of-the-line." Don't miss the garlic knots, "irresistible bread bites baked with olive oil, garlic and herbs." []

Leslie Brenner reviewed Gui-Rock Korean BBQ: Seafood lovers and adventurous eaters will find plenty to like at this Carrollton restaurant from the same owners of the short-lived Rohst on Lower Greenville. The seafood pancake (haemul pajeon) is a must to start with, "wonderfully crisp on the outside and bursting with tender, beautifully cooked seafood on the inside." Banchan are "good, but not nearly as compelling as dishes from the menu," like "haemul kalkuksoo, a big bowl of thick, udonlike wheat noodles in a seafood broth," or "agujjim, a fiery dish of poached monkfish, bean sprouts and fern shoots in chile sauce." Or opt for traditional Korean barbecue options like pork belly, pork neck, or best of all, marinated galbi; wash it all down with "makgeolli, a lightly sweet rice wine similar to unfiltered sake." [DMN]

Scott Reitz checked out El Corazon de Tejas: The tortilla chips aren't made in-house at this family-owned O.C. spot, but "they arrive warm and pleasantly grease-free," and the accompanying salsa is "just hot enough." Skip the margaritas unless you like them super-sweet; ditto for the queso flameado, which lacks in sizzle, the mole enchiladas (boring), and the chile relleno (dry). Better options are a massive portion of nachos or steak fajitas — but order the latter "when business is slow and your meat will be lifeless" — or tacos norteños with plenty of melted cheese. Overall, "little at El Corazon transcends typical Tex-Mex." [Observer]

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[Photo credit: Garrett Hall/EDFW]

Zoli's NY Pizza Tavern

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