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The Best Thing You Didn't Eat at the State Fair of Texas

Keep your eyes peeled for this booth while wandering the Midway.
Keep your eyes peeled for this booth while wandering the Midway.
Photo credit: EDFW

Fried Nutella and Fried Thanksgiving Dinner might be getting all the buzz this year as far as State Fair food goes, and few can deny the deliciousness of such absurd affairs — but the unfortunate fact of the matter is, many Fair vendors sandbag their fried foods to keep up with the crowds, meaning that Deep-Fried Cuban Roll you just dropped 12 tickets on may very well have been suffering under a heat lamp for quite some time before making it to your mouth.

For a cooked-to-order snack with a side of Southern hospitality (and Louisiana hot sauce), stray from the most popular food vendors and amble on over to the Midway, where inbetween all the booths hawking giant ice cream bars and cotton candy you'll find Chef Cassy giving hungry customers one-on-one attention and frying everything to order, including her specialty: deep-fried collard greens. Chef Cassy, a Dallas native who runs a personal chef and catering biz, slow-cooks her collards (both with and without chunks of ham) ahead of time and then stuffs the mixture into delicate wonton skins before dropping them into the deep-fryer and serving them up with hot sauce.

Pastry chef/reality TV star Buddy Valastro of Cake Boss fame got a taste of Chef Cassy's fried greens on his recent State Fair visit, and encouraged his nearly 400,000 Twitter followers to stop by her booth for a taste. Of course, if collard greens are still too healthy for you even when they're deep-fried, consider the honey pecan chicken wings, breaded specimens that take a turn in the deep-fryer before being doused in a sweet glaze with crunchy little pecan bits.

Find Chef Cassy's booth in the Midway right now until the 2013 State Fair of Texas comes to an end on October 20.
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