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What You'll Be Drinking at New Downtown Bar The Woolworth, Officially Opening Nov 7

<em>[Photos: Garrett Hall/EDFW]</em>
[Photos: Garrett Hall/EDFW]

Downtown could really use a fresh influx of classic cocktails since the demise of The Chesterfield, and The Woolworth is hoping to do just that. It's currently soft-open in the spot that briefly housed Stone Street Martini Lounge, featuring drinks by bartender Mike Hernandez and a management team headed up by Brandon Luke, both of whom did time at the nearby Joule Hotel. A full menu of food options from chef Ronald Von Hatten includes everything from barbacoa tacos to lobster fondue, while the cocktails, besides what's shown here, also includes the classic Corpse Reviver and Sazerac.

The Woolworth officially opens November 7 and will add brunch service November 10, with casual counter-service lunch beginning November 11. Stay tuned early next week for more details including a look at the freshly revamped interior.

· The Woolworth Bringing Classic Cocktails to Downtown [-EDFW-]

The Woolworth

1520 Elm Street, , TX 75201 (214) 814-0588 Visit Website

Stone Street Martini Lounge

1520 Elm Street Suite 201, Dallas, TX 75201 214 749 1009 Visit Website