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Pecan Lodge Leaving the Farmers Market for Deep Ellum

That sound you're hearing right now is probably hundreds of Deep Ellum residents screaming with pure unadulterated barbecue joy, because Teresa Gubbins just reported over at CultureMap that Pecan Lodge "owners Diane and Justin Fourton have signed a lease with Deep Ellum kingpin-savior Scott Rohrman for a spot on Main Street."

It's been up in the air for several months whether the barbecue mavens would stay put at the Dallas Farmers Market or relocate following the privatization of the market, and now the city's barbecue lovers can rest easy knowing that Pecan Lodge isn't packing its brisket-laden bags for the suburbs, but rather just moving a mile or so down the street to a larger space — which should mean more room for the epic queues.

Of course, this will mean existing Deep Ellum barbecue joints Mama Faye's, Baker's Ribs and the newer WORK are about to face some stiff competition; but the move won't happen for some time, with the Fourtons telling CultureMap it might not be until next summer.

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Pecan Lodge

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Future Home of Pecan Lodge

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