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Stupid Good Coffee Now Accepts Starbucks Gift Cards

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In a clever holiday effort to perhaps snag some new customers, downtown craft coffee shop Stupid Good Coffee has just announced that it will accept that most ubiquitous of holiday stocking stuffers, Starbucks gift cards.

Owner Daniel Harmon explains that Stupid Good resides on the second floor of an office building just above a Starbucks.

"Sometimes I'll see regular customers in the hallway clutching a Starbucks cup, and I'll jokingly say, 'Jesus doesn't like it when you buy Starbucks!' And a lot of the times they'll say, 'Well, somebody gave me a gift card!'"

So Harmon decided to do something about it — by giving folks another place to redeem those gift cards besides the Frappuccino-slinging behemoth.

"Even though it's not really advantageous for us in a long-term sense, I think it's a great promotional effort to really get our name out there, and to just let people know that there's other options," he says.

Stupid Good opened back in May at the 1910 Pacific Building, and has since been delighting coffee nerds with beans from Oak Cliff Coffee Roasters as well as single-origin selections and fresh-baked pastries, plus promotions like "$2 Tuesdays" when most coffee and espresso drinks are merely two bucks.

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[Photo: Stupid Good Coffee/Facebook]

Stupid Good Coffee

1910 Pacific Ave Suite 2060, Dallas, Texas 75201