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Year in Interviews: The Best Eater Dallas Q&As of 2013

Photo: Five Sixty

As 2013 draws to a close (T-minus 10 hours till the figurative ball drop), we've rounded up our very favorite Eater Interviews of the year for your perusal. From culinary legend Wolfgang Puck to the always entertaining John Tesar, here are the best Q&As of 2013.

1) Wolfgang Puck: Back in February, the chef icon was in town for Chinese New Year festivities at Five Sixty and sat down with us to talk Guy Fieri, why The Mansion needs a makeover, the rise of celebrity chefs, Yelp and more.

2) Tim Byres: The Smoke chef released a new cookbook (Smoke: New Firewood Cooking in April, and we caught up with him in early May to chat about the book, burning out on working in high-end kitchens, his food philosophies and why he doesn't read blogs.

3) Matt McCallister (part 1, part 2): In this epic two-parter, the FT33 chef discusses cooking at the James Beard House, his move away from molecular techniques, why his lack of formal culinary schooling works to his benefit and so much more.

4) John Tesar (part 1, part 2, part 3): Spoon Bar & Kitchen celebrated its first birthday in November, and its chef had a lot to talk about, as usual, including the long journey to opening Spoon, how it felt to be on the cover of D Magazine as the "Most Hated Chef in Dallas," how chefs really aren't rock stars and more.

5) Charlie Papaceno: The beloved Windmill Lounge bartender has dedicated a better part of his life to working behind the bar, and he spills about his time working at a discotheque in East L.A., the dismal first days of The Windmill, why he loves being a bartender and how meeting Michael Martensen totally changed his game.

6) Michael Martensen: In an interview conducted just weeks prior to the shit hitting the fan at Smyth and Cedars Social, the cocktail wizard talked about his dedication to good service, why people who no-show reservations deserve to be called out, the importance of not cutting corners and his hopes for future endeavors.

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