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Bobby Flay 'Is An Egomaniac'; Good Booze News

REALITY TV WIRE—Some guy from Dallas named Alex Stein who will appear on Food Network's new season of Worst Cooks in America told SideDish co-host Bobby Flay "is an egomaniac" who "considers himself the Michael Jordan of cooking." Color us shocked. [SideDish]

PLANO—Being in alcoholic in Plano could be a whole lot easier soon: "A group of residents submitted a petition last month to get a referendum allowing the sale of all alcoholic beverages within city limits on the May 11 ballot." With well over the number of necessary signatures, having to drive to Anna or Richardson for vodka may soon be a thing of the past. [Star Local News via Pegasus]

BEER WIRE—Speaking of booze, a Texas senator filed four bills yesterday intended to make life a little easier for craft breweries. The bills would allow breweries to sell a fraction of their beer "directly to consumers for on-site consumption," and would also raise production limits significantly. [City of Ate]

[Photo credit: Deep Ellum Brewing Co.]