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Twisted Root Loves Butts; Brenner Fires Back

DEEP ELLUM—Twisted Root Burger Co. is at it again — giving people discounts for having sweet booties, that is. This time the discount was a whopping 65 cents. [SideDish]

CRITIC WIRE—In response to Wolfgang Puck's comments to Eater yesterday that "Sometimes the critics at the magazines or the newspapers are not any better than the people who Yelp," DMN critic Leslie Brenner retorts, "Really? Please don't tell our bosses, who stretch our publications' resources to back us, pay our restaurant tabs and provide our services to our readers." [Eats Blog]

VALENTINE'S WIRE—Forgot to make a reservation? First of all, shame on you; secondly, Observer critic Scott Reitz has a few last-minute suggestions, including Sakhuu and TJ's Seafood Market. [City of Ate]

[Photo credit: Reddit]

TJ's Seafood Market

4212 Oak Lawn, Dallas, TX 75205 214-219-3474

Twisted Root Burger Company

2615 Commerce Street, Dallas, TX 75226 214 741 7668 Visit Website